Aerobic gymnasticsGymnastics It is the activity that consists of the development of certain movements and exercises with the intention of achieving and maintaining a good physical condition. Aerobic, for its part, is an adjective that refers to what is done using oxygen.

The aerobic gymnastics is the gymnastic discipline which is carried out by appealing to the technique of the aerobics, which is based on performing exercise routines with music while controlling the respiratory rate.

In aerobic gymnastics, the athlete must perform a routine with intense movements and using different elements of difficulty. In his actions he has to show force, flexibility and fluidity.

The origins of aerobic gymnastics date back to the late 1990s. 1960. Arose as training method and then it became a sport, although it can be practiced without competitive zeal. Aerobic gymnastics benefits include increased muscle tone, body weight regulation, and stress relief.

The diffusion of aerobic gymnastics took place in several countries thanks to the work of people known as Sidney Rome Y Jane fonda, who took advantage of their taste for physical exercise to build a business in which they offered consumers television programs and home videos to help them tone their muscles in the comfort of the home.

We must go back to the year 1968 to find the precise origin of aerobic gymnastics as we know it today. It was at this time that this term was included for the first time in a publication; in fact, the book was titled “Aerobics.” Its author was a doctor of the army American called Kenneth H. Cooper. Throughout the play, he describes a program that he had created to train soldiers. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the word “aerobic” had been coined almost a century earlier by Louis Pasteur, the well-known French chemist who created the process that today we know by the name of pasteurization.

Aerobic gymnasticsThe key to the program designed by Dr. Kenneth was to make efforts for prolonged periods of time, with the aim of improving the resistance and performance of soldiers, while reducing the chances of risk of respiratory and heart diseases, such as arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. In his book, aerobic gymnastics is mentioned as an excellent exercise for the development of our body in a healthy and balanced way, even reducing the intensity of the practices, always in pursuit of the Health of the cardiovascular system.

In 1969, they began to use aerobic gymnastics to replace the system until then used by the soldiers’ wives in a base in Puerto Rico, which was based merely on maintaining the figure. For his part, Kenneth published a second book called “The New Aerobics”, which aimed at training people over 35 years of age, and another in which he focused specifically on aerobic gymnastics for women.

As a competition, aerobic gymnastics includes various modalities. It can be individual, by couple, by trios or in a group. A jury is in charge of observing and analyzing the routines to later establish scores according to the fulfillment, or not, of certain requirements.

The choreographies, the use of space, the precision and complexity of the movements, the rhythm and the use of elements of difficulty are some of the variables that the jury studies to award the points. In certain cases, gymnasts may be penalized: if the routine does not have the prescribed duration, if the athlete leaves the track, if the costumes are not adequate, etc.