The idea of resistance can be used in multiple ways: in this case, we are interested in its meaning as the cability to tolerate or endure something. Understood as a physical capacity of the human being, resistance is linked to the possibility of developing an effort during the longest possible period.

Aerobic resistanceThe concept of aerobiosis, for its part, makes mention of life that takes place in an environment with oxygen. From these definitions, therefore, we can understand what aerobic endurance is.

It is about the ability of a person of develop a low or medium intensity effort for a long time. This capacity depends on the management of oxygen: that is, on the balance that the subject manages to achieve between the need for oxygen due to the activity and the consumption that he or she actually performs.

A person with good aerobic endurance can tolerate the fatigue generated by the exercise, managing to maintain the rhythm and intensity for a considerable time. Who has a high aerobic resistance, in this way, does not experience a relevant drop in physical performance even as the minutes pass.

Thanks to aerobic endurance, the organism it can maintain an efficient operation in the face of an effort that is sustained over time. The heart and lungs, which are subjected to the demands of physical activity, use the oxygen absorbed through respiration as a fuel.

If everything that has been said about aerobic endurance is interesting, it is also important for anyone to improve what they have because this way it is possible for them to enjoy such important benefits as these:
-Lower your blood pressure.
-It achieves a significant reduction in mortality risks.
-Allows to achieve a significant decrease in the chances of having to deal with osteoporosis problems as well as diseases such as diabetes or some of a cardiovascular nature.

In addition to all this, we cannot forget to take into consideration other important aspects about the aforementioned aerobic endurance, such as these:
-Andar is one of the best exercises that exist to increase it since, in addition to being really effective in this regard, it can be practiced anywhere and without cost of any kind, that is, without having to buy special clothing or footwear. even without going to a gym.
-In the same way, it is established that whoever wishes to improve said resistance can also choose to run or ride a bicycle, whether static or not.
-The third type of sport that is believed to be great for increasing aerobic endurance is swimming. Specifically, this is considered to be the best alternative for people who wish to achieve this goal and have obesity problems or suffer from some kind of joint difficulties.

Athletes who run long distances, such as marathoners, they need a great aerobic resistance to sustain the effort demanded by these competitions.