The etymological origin of the term achievement that we are now going to address must be stated that it is found in Latin. And it is that it derives from “lucrum”, which can be translated as “usury”.

The term achievement is used with reference to act and result of achieving. East verb (to achieve), in turn, refers to get or get something.

AchievementFor instance: “Getting the title in Paris was a great achievement for me”, “So far, the government’s greatest achievement is keeping inflation under control, although there are still many unsolved problems”, “I don’t think the draw was an achievement for the local team”.

Among the terms that can function as synonyms for achievement we come across words such as profit, achievement, result and even success.

In the context of sports, an achievement is a favorable result. It can be a victory that is achieved in a match or a trophy that is achieved by completing a competition.

In this framework, winning a match is an achievement in the soccer. However, depending on the particular circumstances, a tie it can also be seen as an achievement. Even if a humble team suffers the expulsion of three players in the first half and finally loses only 1 to 0 before the championship pointer, this adjusted defeat it could be mentioned as an achievement.

Precisely an important achievement was the one obtained by the FC Barcelona football team in 2009. And it is that it became the only Spanish club that won six different titles in the same year. Thus, he, who was under the orders of coach Pep Guardiola, achieved the following trophies: the League, the King’s Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

Each person, in everyday life, has different conceptions about achievements. Completing a university degree, having children, progressing at work or forming a united family, to name a few possibilities, are matters that can be classified as achievements, if the individual aspired to that.

At a general level, there is a tendency to believe that any human being, striving and training, can achieve achievements. Anyway, they exist social factors that make achievement easier for some subjects. This is what we can establish is called the ideology of achievement.

Specifically, this term refers to the belief that a person achieves social success if they carry out a great capacity for effort, work and sacrifice as well as if they have a good education.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there are song titles that have the term that we are dealing with in their title. This would be the case of the single “Unblocked Achievement”, which is performed by rap and hip-hop singer Porta. It was officially presented in 2014 and was part of the album entitled “Something has changed.”