Surrender is he process and the result of yield. This verb, which has different meanings, can be used with reference to deliver or grant to someone what belongs to him. Bill, meanwhile, is the action and consequence of counting (list, do a calculation).

AccountabilityThe concept of accountability makes mention of obligation of a person or entity of present certain reports regarding economic or financial movements. Thus, when rendering accounts, they must present balance sheets or financial statements.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore other interesting data of interest about what is accountability. We are referring specifically to the following:
-This is considered to be the most important and vital obligation that an agent has to fulfill in relation to the principal.
-It may be the case that there is no agreement between both parties in terms of amounts and values, so in that case the agent will see the need to present a document where they are duly justified and proven.
-It becomes an obligation to do and it is necessary that when it is shown it is properly documented and instructed, because otherwise it will lack meaning and value.

Accountability is often mandatory when someone manages public money. Suppose that, in the national budget of a country X, two million pesos a year are allocated to a specific government agency. Once a year, the head of said unit must render an account to Parliament to report how the public funds received were spent.

In Spain, smaller local entities, for example, have the obligation to render accounts annually and always before October 31st. In this sense, although it can lead to confusion, we always try to make it clear that this action is totally different from what is the approval of the budgets.

In a private company, a manager may need to present an account to the president or owner of the firm. The objective is the same as in the case of the Condition: that a third party can know and analyze what was done with the money.

Currently in Spain there are various instruments that revolve around the aspect that concerns us. Thus, for example, there is the Accountability Portal, which is promoted by the Court of Accounts and whose clear objective is to facilitate ordinary citizens that they can carry out knowledge of the procedures undertaken by different entities as well as to access the pertinent information in this regard.

In its broadest sense, accountability involves inform or explain something, taking responsibility for what has been said and done and, in many cases, answering questions about it. The coach of a team of soccer You can be accountable to the club president by giving details of the work done in recent months and by listing accomplishments.