The verb weaken make reference to loosen, separate and / or decompose the pieces of something that were, and were to remain, united. That is why the action is linked to disarrange or disarm an artifact, machine or other object, even symbolic.

WeakenFor instance: “This neoliberal government seeks to unravel the state through a fierce adjustment”, “The continental bloc could fall apart if the two most powerful countries do not reach an agreement”, “In just a few minutes, the criminals were in charge of destroying the car they had stolen”.

By breaking down, one thing is stop presenting the cohesion or solidity that it had until then, since its components are separated. Suppose a hurricane hits a house. Strong winds rip off the roof and door and shatter the windowpanes. That is why it can be said that the hurricane in question achieved ramshackle construction.

Take the case of an administration that chooses to take resources away from the state social security system in order to minimize its scope and thus reduce expenses. From the opposition, in this framework, they assure that the authorities intend dismantle said system.

It is also possible unravel an argument or a position. A man, based on his beliefs or postulates lacking in scientific rigor, can affirm that vaccines are negative for humanity. Faced with this situation, a doctor is in a position to unravel your posture with technical explanations and statistics that show that vaccines have saved millions of lives throughout the history.