Engagement is the boyfriend status or status. When two people They are in a couple and are not yet married, it is said that they are dating. The term also makes it possible to refer to weather that state of relationship lasts. For instance: “We had a very extensive courtship”, “Carolina and Miguel have been dating for five years”, “I think this courtship will end in marriage”.

Dating is a transitory state. It is a period during which two people maintain a loving relationship with the aim of advancing in mutual knowledge: if the courtship is satisfactory for both, the couple will end up marrying. In the opposite case, both people will separate and each will go their own way.


Couples can establish different kinds of courtship.

In addition to all the above, it is important that we emphasize that courtships have been changing throughout history, fundamentally when it comes to starting. Thus, now, the beginning of such a relationship, as a rule, occurs as a consequence of the will and desire of the two members. But long ago, it was necessary for the man to come to her house to ask her father’s permission.

Types of courtship

It is important to establish that there is a wide variety of types of courtship. All of them are differentiated based on the idea or the way they work based on issues such as fidelity, purpose, sex, duration or formality.

Thus, for example, there are traditional dating relationships where the fidelity of both members is advocated while there are others in which the two members are clear that theirs is an “open” courtship. What this means is that both can have sexual encounters with other people without this affecting their relationship at all.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that in a courtship each person seeks to fulfill certain objectives. Thus, some what they want is to be in a relationship to have emotional stability, others to have company, there are those who simply want it to be able to follow “social norms” and thus form a family, and there are also those who seek it it is to be able to experience the beauty of love.


Many times courtship leads to marriage.

Duration and social norms

Courtships do not have a predetermined duration nor are they maintained for the same time in different cases. There are ephemeral courtships that end in separation after a few months, while others extend for many years until marriage. In certain cases, even the courtship may be brief and lead to marriage since the couple considers themselves ready for such a step.

Certain characteristics and conditions must be met in any courtship according to the parameters of today’s society. The bride and groom must be faithful (that is, sharing intimacy exclusively with your partner) and there must be a reciprocity of feelings between them.

Dating also requires putting aside the selfishness to take into account the needs of the couple. The search for personal well-being must always include the happiness of the other.