to register It is the action that refers to storing something or recording it in some type of document. A fact, for its part, is information that enables access to knowledge.

Data registerThe notion of data register, therefore, it is linked to record certain information in a medium. Data recording can take place both in a paper like in digital format. For example: “As soon as I got to the office, an administrative employee asked me for my documents and proceeded to record the data in a form”, “Thanks to this new technological tool that we have just incorporated, data recording will be much faster”, “We have problems with the data recording as the system is not working well: I apologize for the inconvenience”.

Police all over the world find precisely in data records one of their most useful and effective work tools. And it is that they allow you to have immediate access to the identity of people about whom you want to know some type of specific information. Exactly the authorities have records where they have stored numerous aspects of citizenship such names and surnames, address, age, sex, marital status, parents’ names, date and place of birth, photographs, fingerprints, work … All that and much but without forgetting the infractions that may have been committed and even the police file, in the event that they possess it for having committed a crime.

In the field of computingThe block with information that is part of a table is known as a data record. This means that, in a database, the data record is a row.

This row o record it supposes a set of data that maintain a certain link between them. All the rows in a table respect an identical structure, a characteristic that allows you to work and make calculations with the information. The table, in short, constitutes the database.

In order to carry out the aforementioned registry, it is necessary to resort to the use of the technology that exists and that facilitates not only keeping it up to date and being able to consult it when necessary but also to be able to fill in new rows and columns. There are several specific programs for this, however, one of the most used worldwide is Microsoft Excel.

It is known as biometric data record, on the other hand, to the collection of information related to the biometrics of a person. These are data that contribute to the identification of the subject in question: a fingerprint, a photograph, etc.

In addition to all the above, we cannot forget that in Spain there is what is known as the General Data Protection Registry, which depends on what the Spanish Data Protection Agency is. Its function is none other than to ensure the publicity of the files and the treatment given to the personal data that exist in it. Data referring to files of the Public Administration, privately owned, international transfers …