The verb darn refers to the sewing to mend a fabric that is torn. When darning, the pieces are joined by stitches, trying to hide the arrangement.

DarnAnother similar meaning of darning refers to replacement of missing threads in a hole of a cloth through crisscross stitches and seams. The darning, in short, points to the repair of worn areas or tears.

It is possible to darn with a sewing machine or by hand. Usually darning is used when the opening does not occur along the seam and when the resolution of the damage with a patch it is uncomfortable.

For darning, the basic method is to anchor a thread on the edge of the hole, then cross said hole and finally anchor it on the other side with one or two stitches. By repeating this process and weaving several threads over the hole, it can be covered.

There are several implements that help to darn specific garments. One of the best known is the darning egg, which is used for darning socks or stockings. East egg, which can be made of wood, plastic or another material, is usually placed on the heel to maintain the shape of the sock while it is darned.

Darning, on the other hand, has symbolic uses. You can mention merge two elements with subtlety or weave lies to pretend one truth. For instance: “Several trails allow mending the different stations of the theme park”, “A series of hoaxes served him to darn an excuse that was taken as valid”.