The Latin word cubicŭlum arrived in Castilian as cubicle. This is what a room or a space from reduced dimensions.

A delimited space

The notion of cubicle can be used in different ways. Many times the term is used to refer to a small sector, differentiated from the rest of the environment. There are Business that create cubicles for their employees, who all work together in the same area but each in their own particular place.

Office cubicle

Organizing an office in cubicles can boost performance

Companies dedicated to telemarketing or telemarketing They usually organize their work environment with cubicles. With three panels, they assemble individual work zones, where each employee has his chair and computer. A supervisor, meanwhile, can control the development of the activity.

A cubicle can also be a closed or open surface intended for the display of an object. A MuseumTo name a case, you can display a jewel in a glass cubicle. Unlike what is shown without any type of protection, what is presented in a closed cubicle is protected.

Some examples

For instance: “When I left my parents’ house, I rented a cubicle where a bed could hardly fit”, “My workplace is an awkward and uncomfortable cubicle. illuminated, “Consumers can pick up their order from a cubicle located a few meters from the entrance”.

In the first example we have a different use to that given in the previous paragraphs: while we have been talking about a way of organizing a large space to create small offices or to display valuable items, in this sentence we speak of cubicle as a synonym from small house. Since its characteristics are not specified, we cannot know if it has any room in addition to the main one, such as a bathroom or a kitchen; the only thing we know is that the tenant is not comfortable with the size.

The second sentence does refer to one of the aforementioned meanings, and adds a piece of information regarding the characteristics of these workspaces: if they are too small, they can be uncomfortable for the employee. Of course, this does not happen in all cases, since some have desks in the shape of «L», for a better organization of work materials.

Finally we have an example in which the concept of cubicle has a slightly different meaning: in this case it is not a workspace or an exhibition of articles, but one that has been specially designed for the delivery and collection of orders. This can be very useful to speed up the job of employees and avoid wasting time in that last step, which simply consists of the customer taking what he has bought and leaving the establishment.

Roman Empire Cubicle

The cubicles of ancient Rome were the rooms of certain houses

In ancient rome

In the houses of the Ancient Rome, on the other hand, it was called a cubicle (in Latin, cubicŭlum) to bedroom that was used as bedroom. Before continuing we must mention other related concepts. For example, the domus, name that received a type of house used at that time, inhabited by families of good economic life, whose father was known as dominus.

In the domus, each cubicŭlum was located around the atrium. Here we have another specific term, the atrium, which in Spanish is said atrium and it is defined as the courtyard present in these Roman houses and also in certain temples. With the weather, it began to be called cubicŭlum (cubicle) to the burial chambers that were in the catacombs, that is, they were used as tombs for the dead of a specific group, whether social or family, to rest there.