CrossbowThe etymology of crossbow refers us to the Latin word ballista, which comes from the Greek ballein. A crossbow is called a weapon which enables launch different kinds of projectiles thanks to the fact that it has a bow and a string. The concept is also used to name the machine which, in ancient times, was used for the same purpose.

The crossbows have a straight base, on which a bow. This bow has a string that allows projectiles to be propelled, which can be arrows, stones, etc. Whereas the crossbow was once an important weapon in warfare, it is now used recreationally for hunt or to practice target shooting.

The origins of the crossbow go back several centuries BC: in “The Art of War” of Sun Tzu Mentions of this weapon are already appearing. In the western world it began to become popular in the X century.

Among the advantages offered by the crossbow over other weapons, experts emphasize that it is not necessary to have too much precision to hit the target. It is also noted that it is possible to shoot a crossbow mounted on horseback, standing or even lying down. Among the points against, the difficulty of reloading appears: once a projectile has been launched, a certain weather and effort to shoot again.

Ballesta, on the other hand, is the colloquial name of Helleborus fetidus, a plant that is part of the family group of the buttercups. It is a toxic species that was used to poison arrows.

Tips for learning to use a crossbow

CrossbowSince the crossbow is a powerful weapon, we should not underestimate the importance of learning how to use it and knowing the relevant safety measures to avoid situations of risk. Since, as mentioned above, it is much easier to master than the bow, for example, many people underestimate its potential and therefore do not spend enough time training.

First of all, it is recommended to start using the crossbow with the rope pointing upwards, until you get it to lock into place. The larger models have a stirrup for this, since pulling the rope back demands a lot force. Loading the trigger of crossbows that are adapted to be used with one hand only, as if it were a revolver, is easier.

Before getting ready to aim it is necessary to check that the firing mechanism is properly tensioned. The placement of the projectile is another of the decisive steps, since the distance that I can go through.

Unlike what many movies and video games can show us, using a firearm requires a combination of discipline and motor coordination: the previous preparation is as important as the moment of the shot, if not more. Regaining the range of the projectile, it is known that in a good shot it can exceed 90 meters, although in the majority it does not exceed 18; To achieve the expected result, it is necessary to estimate the distance of the White and then appeal to the most appropriate technique.

The trigger should be pressed gently, as a sharp movement can result in a slightly off-track shot. The projectile leaves the body of the weapon with considerable power and at great speed, so it is necessary to make sure that you are aiming well before taking the last step.

Tutors advise students to use a straight pointed projectile for target practice. Sharps, on the other hand, are less safe and should be reserved for hunting; furthermore, in the threw The target can cause problems and wasted time by penetrating the target too deeply.