A cowbell is a campaign that is tied to neck of an animal to facilitate its location. Cowbells are usually made with copper or iron sheet and are used in the won.

CowbellThanks to the cowbell, it is possible to locate the carcass that is carrying it. Take the case of sheep: the pastor can be attentive to sound to find the specimens that, in a field trip, are separated from the rest.

The sound of the bell also helps to ward off predators. On the other hand, in ancient times cowbells were considered to provide protection against supernatural forces.

Currently, other more advanced resources than cowbells are beginning to be introduced for the location and control of cattle. One of these innovations are necklaces with motion sensor and Gps.

It is called cowbell, on the other hand, to a percussion instrument which is made of steel or copper. It’s about a idiophone since his body it is the resonating box: therefore, when it vibrates, it produces sound, without resorting to membranes or strings.

To generate the sound, the cowbell is struck with wooden drumsticks. The cowbells have different sizes, linked to the sound that is intended to be obtained. The one who touches the cowbell, on the other hand, can produce different sounds depending on the Pressure that he exerts with his fingers on the instrument and according to the area where he hits it with the stick.

There are cowbells that are held with one hand. Others are attached to a support. It is common for the cowbell to be worn by musicians from sauce, Meringue, cumbia or mambo, among other characteristic rhythms of Latin America.