The worktop is he flat segment found in the upper section of a base unit. In some countries, the countertop is known as allowance.

WorktopIt is common to find countertops in kitchen furniture and from bathroom. This add-on is very useful as it allows supporting various types of products Y Utensils and enables the development of different actions.

It is essential that the worktop be resistant so that it can fulfill its functions. In the case of kitchen countertop, you need to be able to tolerate the high temperatures that reach the pans, the pans and other implements once the food is cooked.

In general, it is also sought that the kitchen countertop resists cuts Y hits. Another important aspect is that do not affect the water and that it can be cleaned easily because, due to its characteristics, it is often dirty.

Refering to bathroom countertop, is often used to support toiletries such as soap, deodorant, etc. Resistance to humidity it is very important in this type of countertop.

It should be noted that the materials used to manufacture the countertops are varied. It’s possible to find steel countertops, stone countertops, wood countertops Y laminate countertops, among other. Every material It offers different characteristics based on its properties, in addition to having a differential aesthetic.

The countertops marble (a limestone) and the beech countertops (a tree from the family group of the Fagaceae), for example, are often chosen for their decorative value. The laminate countertops, on the other hand, they offer advantages especially when cleaning.