The Latin word corrosīvus came to our idiom What corrosive. That term (corrosive) is used as an adjective to refer to that which is able to corrode.

The verb corrode, in turn, comes from the Latin corrode and refers to wear something down gradually. The concept is often used with respect to progressive destruction of a metal, which may include an alteration of its shape.

A corrosive element, therefore, gradually causes the deterioration of a material. If the process progresses, what is corroded may end up destroyed.

Caustic soda

Caustic soda is a corrosive element.

The corrosive and the human being

Although the idea of ​​corrosion is linked to damage to metal bodies or other materials, it is common for corrosion to be classified as corrosive. chemicals that have the ability to damage the Health of people either by contact, ingestion or inhalation.

When an individual touches a corrosive substance, you may suffer what is known as a chemical burn. Unlike common burns, in this case it is not necessary that there be a source of hot. In addition, the injury occurs instantly, as soon as contact occurs.

The calcium oxide (lime), the sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and the sulfuric acid are some of the corrosive substances that can cause injuries. To avoid inconvenience, those who handle this type of substances should use gloves, glasses, protective suits and other safety equipment.

It is important to mention that, if in a low concentration, the corrosive chemical can act as a irritating. This means that it causes pain, itching or burning and that can inflame the area, although without injuring it.


Oxidation is a corrosive process that metals often undergo.

Corrosion wears away an alloy or metal through a electrochemical reaction or a chemical attack that unfolds directly. Between the corrosive agent and the damaged material, a current electrons: the emitter acts as anode and the receiver as cathode, producing a reduction-oxidation reaction.

In fact, the oxidation as the most common form of corrosion. The metal, by losing electrons, increases its oxidation state.

To prevent corrosion, a anticorrosive. This is the name of the product capable of inhibiting the process, generally establishing a layer that prevents the corrosive medium from accessing the metal.

The corrosive sublimate

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) points out that mercuric chloride it is known as corrosive sublimate. This chemical compound was used in the field of medicine to disinfect, although it has a high level of toxicity.

Corrosive sublimate can cause diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding serious. If a small amount of this substance is ingested, the consequences are usually fatal.

The adjective applied to a person

It is interesting to note that the individual who is ironic, scathing or offensive. This characteristic can be reflected through their way of expressing themselves or their humor.

Someone corrosive or caustic tends to resort to satire or to derision to make a criticism or to attack others. British actor Sacha Baron Cohen, by example, became famous for the corrosive humor he displayed through characters such as Borat and the admiral general Haffaz Aladeen.