CompanyCompany is he accompany effect (to be with another person, add something to something else or exist alongside it). The term has various uses according to the context. The company can be the subject or subjects accompanying another or others. For example: “Excuse me, but at this moment I can’t talk to you: I have company”, “I’m going to keep grandma company for a while”, “The young woman arrived at the place in the company of an older man”.

The concept of pets refers to those members of human families that belong to other species and are generally called pets, like being cats and dogs. This term is used very often in the real estate field, to indicate if an owner admits them in their home.

Older people and those who suffer diseases that prevent them from making full use of their faculties or their bodies often require the assistance of company people, whose tasks usually include preparing the different meals of the day, helping their employers with such basic activities as eating, grooming, dressing and moving around the house, as well as taking them for walks to avoid the depression that confinement can bring and so that they come in contact with the sun and pure air.

The position of companion person is usually reserved for women, even when the individual who needs assistance is a man. On the other hand, it is a job which is generally intended for foreign women: in some European countries, for example, it is common for young Latin American women to perform it. It goes without saying that supporting an elderly person or an adult with reduced mobility is not easy and involves great physical and mental effort, much more than when raising a child.

CompanyThe notion of company can also be used as a synonym for business, since it allows to name the society of different people who come together for the same purpose: “I worked for fifteen years in a telephone company until I was fired and now I am looking for a new job”, “Vituflexsy is the largest industrial company in the country”, “A group of criminals attacked the headquarters of the oil company and took more than half a million euros”.

Among the most important companies in the world are the following:

Manzana: It is a North American multinational company known all over the world thanks to its peculiar and successful products IT and the field of mobile communication, such as your iPhone and your iMac series;

Samsung Electronics: This Korean company produces a wide range of high-end and mid-range items with excellent value for money, including its televisions, tablet PCs and phones;

Volkswagen Group: one of the most recognized car manufacturers in the world, its focus is on the European market and owns brands such as Audi, Bugatti, SEAT and Ducati;

The body of dancers and actors that is formed with the intention of representing a construction site also receives the company name: “The San Jerónimo Dance Company is touring the country to present its new show”, “My dream is to join a circus company”, “The municipality distinguished the members of the troupe of actors”.

In the military realm, a company is a Unit (of infantry, engineers or a service) that is usually in command of a captain and be part of a battalion: “Company 342 has yet to report”, “Three companies are fighting on the northern front”.