A clutch it’s a device whose function consists of uncouple and couple two axles from a vehicle or other machine that is in operation. The term also refers to act of clutching: cause an axis, through a certain mechanism, to be part of the movement of another axis.

ClutchThe best known clutch is that of the car. The concept may refer to system in itself, to the action detailed lines above or at pedal that allows to operate the mechanism in question.

What the clutch does is transmit the rotation of the car engine to the gearbox, which in turn transmits it to the wheels. This work is carried out by friction, the driver being able to control its development according to how he presses and releases the pedal.

It can be said that the clutch engages (while the pedal is not depressed) and disengages (when the pedal is depressed) the motor of the other elements that make the vehicle move. This game is essential for the car start moving progressively (no jerks or damage to drive system parts) and for change gears or speeds.

When the driver steps on the clutch, he ultimately separates (disengages) the gearbox from the engine. Thus the gears move freely, without the Pressure caused by the rotation of the motor. As the clutch is released, progressively more spin is transmitted.

Due to its characteristics, the clutch is subjected to a great wear. To extend its life, the experts in mechanics They suggest not accelerating too much while you step on it, not resting your foot on the pedal and not leaving the clutch depressed while the car is stopped (for example, waiting for the green traffic light).