The term clover comes from a word in the Catalan language, in turn derived from Greek tríphyllon. A clover is a herbaceous plant that is part of the family group of the papilionaceous (whose flowers have a corolla shaped like a butterfly).

CloverBelonging to the genus Trifolium, clovers can reach a height of eight inches. Their stems have hairs and their sheets they are arranged three by three, with purple or whitish flowers.

Clovers are often associated with mythologies Y superstitions. It is said that four leaf clovers (a rare variation on the usual three-leaflet) bring good luck to the one who finds them.

The reason for the appearance of four-leaf clovers is unclear. According to specialists in botany, it could be an environmental consequence, a somatic mutation or the presence of a rare recessive gene. There are also clovers with five or more leaflets.

It is known as shamrock, on the other hand, to a three-leaf clover which is the symbol of Ireland. The legend mind that St. Patrick, with the aim of illustrating the Holy Trinity within the framework of the Christianization process that took place in the V century, resorted to a shamrock.

In the french deckFinally, the clover is a stick whose cards feature one or more black clovers. Diamond, heart and spade are the rest of the suits of this deck that is used in the poker, the black Jack and other games.