Clonazepam(Klonopin) – Is it more effective when taken on an empty stomach or after a meal?


Clonazepam(Klonopin) – Is it more effective when taken on an empty stomach or after a meal?


  • Empty stomach will feel side effects much fast, but from my experiece…I tend to get a weird unpleasant sense of taste if I then decide to eat something. So I guess you would be skipping meals due to that. An non intentional side effects which I also have with taking sleep aid Ambien 10mg. By the way I said 0.5 mg twice a day for anxiety (& I have had a history of siezures which makes this benzo perfect for me.

  • Yes. Klonopin, like the majority of all drugs, is more effective mg per mg when its taken on an empty stomach, which should make common sense. If you’ve just eaten a meal, your stomach is full of food contents, and thus the pill you take will have to wrestle with those contents to be absorbed…of course they still can work and will, but I personally find say 2mg of Klonopin to be stronger on empty stomach than 3, even 4, taken on a full stomach. When I say empty stomach, however, I mean very empty – – say around 6pm on a day when NO food whatsoever has been consumed, ie. ~18-24 hours since eating. I will then wait about an hour or two at least, and then I eat ravenously. I eat my 2000 calories a day. This way of eating is actually well known, check out “The Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler, its about the theory that we evolved eating only at night as food was scarce back in the day and eating was more of a ceremony and was done as a nightly feast. When one thinks about it – – doesn’t eating a big meal make you tired and lethargic? This way of eating is natural to me, thankfully, and might be nearly impossible for some but I feel very, very healthy and vital, so it works on me at least. And, really as a side effect, it has helped me increase effects of my Clonazepam. So if your low, do this. Its smart for anyone, eating in the day time is not natural, look into it.

  • you can take it either way, but just use this when you are having severe anxiety. It tends to make me very depressed the next day after taking it, it also makes my mom depressed also. And don’t forget it is addicting. Some people don’t take this into consideration. It is the most awesome thing to stop a panic attack i have ever seen or taken. It is so fast acting. These are just a few personal tips. Anyway I Hope you get better. Also when your anxiety is up, go for a walk or try to read a book. The book will help redirect your mind and the walk will get the tension level down. Of course you can’t do both at the same time (haha) Choose the one that’s appropriate at the time.

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