In order to know the meaning of the term clarinet, it is necessary that, first of all, we proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it derives from the French “clarinette” or “clarine”, which is a wind musical instrument. A word that, in turn, comes from the Latin “clarus”, which was used to, among other things, refer to sharp and perfectly perceptible sounds.

The concept of clarinet is used to name a wind instrument which has the flag of a clarion, a tube made up of several pieces and a mouthpiece made with a reed reed. The clarinet also has holes that can be clogged with keys or fingers.

ClarinetFor the execution of this instrument, the clarinetist places his mouth on the mouthpiece, where the reed is located. On the upper body of the clarinet, linked to the mouthpiece by the barrel, you must place the left hand. On the lower body, on the other hand, place the right hand. The sound projection is carried out by means of the bell that is in the inferior part of the instrument.

As the oboe and the flute, the clarinet is included in the group of woodwind instruments. Frequently used in military bands, it can reach about four octaves.

There are multiple types clarinets. Among the usual ones are the soprano clarinet, the double bass clarinet, the sopranine clarinet, the alto clarinet, the bass clarinet and the bassetto clarinet, each with its corresponding tuning.

Various sound effects can be achieved with these instruments. The glissando, the dental tremolo, the lip vibrato, the circular breathing and the trill are some of these techniques.

Other interesting facts about the clarinet are the following:
-It is made of wood.
-The lower tube that shapes it is presented in a clearly flared format.
-In order to properly play the clarinet, it is essential that the musician adopt a correct posture. That is, you must keep your back straight in order to breathe properly. In particular, this will get you to breathe in what is the lower part of your lungs.
-It has about 20 holes, some that must be covered by whoever plays the instrument and others that are already covered through what are articulated type keys.
-The keys are presented in two different systems: German and French. These differ, among other things, by what are the dimensions.
-No less important is that the clarinetist is essential to have a relaxed tongue to play the instrument correctly.
-Numerous are the well-known characters who play the clarinet. Thus, they are from the actress Julia Roberts to the film director and actor Woody Allen. This precisely is part of a band with which he plays jazz in different corners of the world.

The American Benny goodman, the German Karl Leister and french Michel Portal They are among the most transcendent clarinetists of the last century. It should be noted that the clarinet is used in classical compositions, in jazz and in others genders and musical styles.