A clamp is an element that, when surround or squeeze something, It allows hold it. It is a frequently used piece in pipelines Y wired.

ClampClamps can be plastics, metallic or of another kind. Depending on the needs, they are arranged horizontally or vertically, being able to use a base (such as a ceiling or wall) or be suspended.

Once installed, the clamps must support a load and exert a endurance. It is necessary to calculate the forces to which they will be subjected to know at what distance it is convenient to install each clamp, thus guaranteeing its proper functioning and the safety of the structure.

Specialists indicate that the clamps, when placed, should not be forced with screwdriver nor with any other utensil. If subjected to excessive torque, they can break.

When determining the appropriate clamp for a pipeline, the content of the ducts must be taken into account. Depending on whether gases or liquids are transported, and depending on the characteristics of the material (in terms of temperature, the corrosion it generates, etc.), the appropriate clamp model must be chosen.

Beyond the clamps that are used in tubes, we can also find simpler clamps that are used to organize the tubes. cables in an office or even in a home. A clamp can hold multiple cables at the same time.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), finally, it refers in its dictionary to the clamp saw: this is the name of the toothed tool whose blade is located in the middle of a frame. The clamp saw is used to cut large logs that are mounted on trestles.