ClaimTo claim is to oppose something orally or in writing, expressing a complain or disagreement. The action and effect of claim is known as claim or claim. For instance: “I am going to file a complaint with the management since I am not satisfied with the attention they gave me”, “The company does not accept claims once the customer has verified the quality of the product”, “The operator has received thousands of complaints about the increase in rates”.

It is worth mentioning that the term claim is usual in Latin America, Meanwhile in Spain the word claim is preferred. This can also be seen in the concept of “complaint sheet”, used in Spain and equivalent to the Argentine “complaint notebook”.

This resource, which some companies make available to their clients, allows them to settle their claims. In other cases, the ways to make a claim are email or telephone assistance.

The possibility of making a claim is a right of consumers, protected by various laws and regulations. Customers, users or buyers can express their disagreement when they consider that the product or service received does not meet your expectations due to errors on the part of the company.

Unfortunately, consumers they do not always make a fair use of their right to claim; In recent years, the costs involved in the volume of product returns to the large international chains of clothing stores have been in the millions. The problem is that a worrying percentage of customers are not keeping their end of the bargain; In other words, you wear the garments one or more times and then demand a refund.

Faced with this problem, some companies have begun to take somewhat aggressive measures, but surely more efficient when it comes to detecting scams: the garments are simply delivered with a kind of plastic “lock” that once opened becomes unusable; In order to demand a refund, customers should not attempt to withdraw it. Will people be able to show off a shirt or pants with an unsightly brooch? security in order to satisfy your need to scam a company?

ClaimDevices capable of opening such a lock without destroying it will surely be invented, or they will begin to be marketed illegally to encourage unfair claims. As with the rest of the rights, we human beings do not know how to take advantage of it, we look for a way to abuse ourselves, to break the rules, and we only manage to make life difficult in society.

In other areas, complaints are usually related to the treatment received by one of the employees of a company. company; such is the case of bars and restaurants. A waiter may be rude to the public and deserve a wake-up call to correct his manners; However, more than in other areas, gastronomic establishments are usually the focus of a peculiar discharge of frustrations on the part of customers, who unfairly mistreat those who serve them, in an absurd attempt to feel powerful.

A market No right to complain seems like an unacceptable concept, but the abuse of power by consumers, coupled with numerous scams and theft, does not represent an industry ideal either. It is difficult to find a balance between offering good service and preventing injustice from customers, since the latter take place thanks to receiving special treatment, simply because tradition indicates it. The customer is always right; But who do you complain to if you are wrong?

Claim, on the other hand, is a trained bird which is used during hunting since, with its song, it attracts others of its kind. The concept is also used to name the device that imitates the sound of birds and that it fulfills the same purpose (to call the birds during the hunt). The claim, therefore, is an instrument of help to the hunter.