It is called chorizo yet inlay: that is, to a gut that is filled with meat. Chorizo ​​is usually made with minced pork, although there are multiple varieties.

ChorizoChorizos have their origins in Spain. There the term refers specifically to the sausage that is prepared with Pork Meat, peppers Y Garlic, which is characterized by its reddish hue and by its curing process at smoke. On Latin America, said chorizo ​​is known specifically as Spanish chorizo.

It is possible to find chorizo ​​in multiple dishes. The use of chorizo ​​in tapas is typical of different Spanish regions, as is the inclusion of this food in stews and stews (such as Madrid stew and the Fabada). The Spanish tortilla it also has chorizo.

In South American countries, the most popular chorizo ​​is one that is not cured and that combines pork and beef. This chorizo, which cannot be eaten raw, is usually part of the roast (barbecue) together with blood sausage and various cuts of meat that are cooked Grill.

This kind of chorizo, which is often referred to as barbecue chorizo or Creole sausage, is used in Argentina to prepare choripan (concept formed with nouns “chorizo” Y “bread”). It is a chorizo ​​sandwich that is traditionally served with a sauce call chimichurri, which is made with oil, vinegar, ground chili, garlic, oregano, parsley and salt.

It is important to mention that there are other uses of chorizo ​​accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) that have nothing to do with gastronomy. You can call a thief, for example, a chorizo: “Be careful with that boy, he’s a sausage”, “The chorizo ​​entered the house through the window”.