The Latin collis led to colle and then it came to Italian like hill. From this term comes the concept of hill, which refers to a prominence of the ground that occurs naturally.

HillThe hills, therefore, are elevations. Unlike mountains, they do not usually exceed 100 meters in height. height. Therefore a hill is a lower elevation than a mountain.

Also calls mounds, the most or specks in some cases, the hills tend to arise for geomorphological reasons. The transfer of sediments from a glacier, a geological fault or the erosion of a mountain are some of the causes that can lead, over time, to the appearance of a hill.

Throughout the history many hills were chosen to start the construction of a settlement. The height was useful to observe if enemies were approaching and to avoid problems derived from the flooding of a river located in the vicinity.

In addition to all that has been indicated, we cannot ignore the fact that the term at hand has also been used in the field of cinema. This would be the case of the film “The Englishman who climbed a hill and descended a mountain”. It is a British film directed by Christopher Monger and released in 1995.

Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald and Colm Meaney are some of the actors that make up the cast of this feature film that tells of two cartographers, in 1917, arriving in a small British town to take the necessary measurements as they are preparing the new map. from Wales. The problem they will have is that the residents want an area that they consider to be “the first mountain in Wales” to be established as a mountain on that map.

However, when cartographers make the pertinent measurements they come across the fact that due to its height they cannot establish it as a mountain but simply as a hill. A fact this that will lead the inhabitants of the place to try to put into practice different plans to ensure that it achieves the necessary height.

In the literary field, on the other hand, there is the work “The hill of Watership”. It is a novel written by the English writer Richard Adams. It was published in 1972, it is aimed at children and years later it would be taken to the big screen by the filmmaker Martin Rosen. It stars a rabbit named Fiver who has visions regarding the end of his burrow.

When hill derives from scientific Latin cholina, its use is linked to the scope of the chemistry. Choline is the substance that, as part of the lecithins, is found in the bile of some species and functions as a neurotransmitter.

Considered as essential nutrient, choline is a molecule that allows cells perform their duties as normal. A deficiency of choline in the body can cause hypertension, bone problems, infertility and other disorders.

HillFinally, it is a surname shared by personalities such as Braulio Carrillo Colina (former head of State from Costa Rica) and the Venezuelan Oscar de Jesus Colina (singer).