It is called chimichurri yet dressing typical of some South American regions that is made with parsley, Garlic, Salt, ground chili, vinegar Y oil. This sauce, which is usually used on meats and sausages, is very popular among Argentines and Uruguayans.

chimichurriThe base of the chimichurri is liquid thanks to the inclusion of vinegar Y oil. In the sauce you can also perceive the different seasonings, which are hydrated by remaining in the emulsion. In fact, it is usual to marinate the chimichurri for at least a day before using it.

In its origins, chimichurri was prepared in brine, although later the vinegar. Ingredients that may also appear in this dressing include: Pepper, the oregano, the laurel and the thyme.

For its preparation, the first thing that is done is to crush the species in a mortar. Once this is done, the ingredients are placed in the vinegar and oil emulsion and mixed. Finally, it is time to macerate the chimichurri, although this step is not essential.

It is interesting to mention that the origins of the chimichurri are unknown. One version indicates that, in Argentina, British ranchers had the custom to request curry to the peons to season the lamb meat. Chimichurri, therefore, would come from the English expression “Give me the curry”.

Other theory indicates that chimichurri comes from tximitxurri, a Basque word that would refer to a mixture. There are even those who maintain that the creator of the chimichurri was a Briton named Jimmy curry, something difficult to verify.