The Chestnut is the fruit of tree called Brown. This arboreal species, with a scientific name Castanea sativa, it can reach a height of about twenty meters.

The chestnut belongs to the family group of the phagaceae. Presents a trunk thick, lanceolate leaves and whitish flowers.

Chestnuts, in this framework, develop in bags with thorns that are similar to hedgehogs. The fruit or the bag itself and the edible achenes found inside can be called chestnut.

A very important food

Many ancient peoples gave preponderance to chestnuts in their diet. In eastern North America, Southwest Asia and southern Europe, these fruits provided a good level of carbohydrates to the diet.

Chestnut fruits

Chestnuts are eaten raw, roasted, fried, or boiled.

Chestnuts stand out for containing vitamin C, minerals (iron, calcium, zinc, and others), fiber, and protein. Its consumption contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, protects the nervous system and improves intestinal transit.

Nowadays China It is the world’s largest producer of chestnuts. Turkey, Bolivia, Italy, South Korea Y Greece they also produce thousands of tons year.

How are chestnuts eaten

The chestnuts are removed from the prickly pouch once they are dry. Can be consumed roasted, boiled, fried or even raw.

There are those who eat chestnuts as a snack or appetizer. The fruit is also used in the preparation of many prescriptions.

The puddles they are a dessert that is made with chestnuts, cinnamon Y milk. The chestnut pudding and the chestnut cake are other popular foods in different regions.

Fruit of Castanea sativa

Chestnuts in your bag.

The candied chestnuts, meanwhile, they are made by glazing or confectioning the fruit with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. This sweet is often referred to as icy brown by its French name.

With dried and ground chestnut, on the other hand, you get chestnut flour. Sweet in taste, it can be used to make pasta and loaves.

The work of the chestnut trees

The chestnut trees are people that sell roasted chestnuts on public roads. This activity would have arisen at the end of century XVIII and it is still traditional in different places.

Whether in fixed or mobile stalls, chestnut growers used to have a cooking pot known as chestnut pot. Over time, this vessel was replaced by other vessels that serve the same function.

Chestnuts are roasted on a stove or stove. The chestnuts, with a tongs, move the chestnuts on the rack so that they cook evenly and then serve them in a cone.

Chestnut color

It is interesting to mention that chestnut and chestnut can be used as adjectives to qualify what exhibits a color similar to chestnut rind. It is a brown or reddish hue.

A brown person, in this frame, presents hair of this tone. It can be said that brown hair is lighter than black and darker than blonde.

After black hair, brown is the most common. The concentration level of the pigment called eumelanin (a kind of melanin) gives it its characteristic trait.