A driver it’s a individual whose work activity consists of driving a car. The term derives from the French word chauffer and, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), can also be accented in the letter OR (driver).

DriverBefore moving on, it is important to indicate that, on this occasion, we are interested in the concept of car in its broadest sense: that is, to name the vehicles that have an engine and that move without the need to resort to a specific lane. The cars, the trucks and the vansFor example, they are automobiles.

Returning to the idea of ​​a driver, it is someone who has the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to drive one of these vehicles. Generally, you must also have a professional driver’s license as your job It consists of transporting passengers or goods.

A driver can be at the service of a person. Many celebrities hire a chauffeur to handle their transfers. The driver picks up his employer from a point and takes him to his destination. Then he stays waiting for him in the place until the next trip.

It is also often called a driver who drive a colectivo (bus), a micro (coach), a taxi or a remís. Depending on the means of transport in question, the driver must make a pre-established route or take the passenger to the address that signals you when you get into the vehicle.

In addition to driving, the driver usually performs other tasks related to the passenger welfare. Among them we can name the control of the air conditioning and the radio of the unit.