A charlatan is an individual who talks excessively, usually without their words having substance or contents. The term has its etymological root in the Italian word ciarlatanus.

CharlatanFor instance: “Yesterday I met with a potential investor but he seemed like a charlatan”, “In the end the mechanic turned out to be a charlatan since he never managed to fix the damage to my car”, “When are you coming to see me? You have already suspended the visit three times. You are a charlatan! “.

There are different nuances in the use of the notion of charlatan. Somebody talkative and talkativeTo mention one possibility, he can be mentioned as a charlatan: “The teacher says that my son is very talkative”. In this case, there is not too negative a connotation, but rather the adjective refers to a personality characteristic.

On other occasions, a charlatan is defined as someone who, for speaking so much, is indiscreet: “Do not tell anything to Mario who is a charlatan and will leave you exposed”. Charlatan, on the other hand, may be the one who tends to matters that you do not know or what exaggerates: “Once again the charlatan Uncle Jorge is giving his theories about national politics …”.

The more negative meaning of charlatan, in as much as it is linked to trickster or con man. The charlatan builds a speech full of lies and inaccuracies to achieve a sale or other type of operation. These charlatans aim for the persuasion to convince your interlocutor of something: “The real estate charlatan assured me that the house was impeccable but, after renting it, I realized all the problems that construction has”.