The notion of work it is used in different ways depending on the region. In several American countries, the term can be used as a synonym for job.

WorkFor instance: “In this city there is no job for young people, that’s why they leave to look for a better future”, “Luckily I found a job last month and my economy stabilized”, “A nurse should not do the job of a doctor”.

There are different versions of the origin of the word chamba. The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in his dictionary, mentions that the old Portuguese comes from. One version, on the other hand, associates the notion with Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), where Mexican immigrants who arrived in USA willing to work in agricultural tasks.

Actually in Mexico, Ecuador and others countries, the job is a job. Have a jobIn this framework, it is equivalent to having a job. Get a job is a necessity for many people, while lose the job it is bad news.

The RAE indicates that the idea of ​​chamba can also refer to a cannon or fluke. That is, to a coincidence that is favorable. Another meaning of chamba, which appears in the speech of Colombians, refers to the fenced wave ditch that is developed to establish a boundary between lands.

Work It is also the name of a district of the India which is part of state from Himachal Pradesh, in the north of the nation. More than 518,000 people live in this area.

On Argentina, finally, Work is a brand of children’s clothing. its campus is found in Villa Adelina (Buenos Aires province).