ChallengeA challenge is an invitation to duel, a provocation or a challenge. It may be a threat or one intimidation: “If you are so sure of what you say, I challenge you to go together and ask Micaela what she thinks about this situation”, “She looked him straight in the eyes and exclaimed with a firm voice: ‘I challenge you to a duel: whoever loses, will leave town'”.

In another sense, the notion of challenge is used as synonym of scolding or reprimand. It is common for parents to challenge their children or teachers your students when they are not behaving appropriately: “The challenge of the math teacher was heard in several classrooms: she was furious because the boys had fought each other in the middle of the room”, “Didn’t you have enough with yesterday’s challenge that now you do the same thing again?”.

At football, a challenge (or challenge, in the English language) is a mechanism of the head coach, the referee or a player to review a controversial play in the middle of a game.

The challenge can also be a difficult goal to achieve. Due to its own characteristics, the challenge is constituted as a challenge for those who decide to face it and, at the same time, in a stimulus: “Getting to the top of the mountain was a real challenge, but thanks to previous training I was able to do it”, “The team is willing to take up the challenge and try to get the title despite the unfavorable situation in which it finds itself”, “Getting a job after fifty years can be an impossible challenge to overcome”.

On a personal level, we all set ourselves different challenges throughout life, ranging from small objectives even ideals towards which we walked for years and decades. Within the first group are, for example, quitting tobacco and losing weight; Although these are important purposes, since they are closely related to health, they can usually be resolved in a few months.

Some challenges of humanity

ChallengeAs a species, we humans have been through too much weather attacking the planet and the resources it offers us, to the point of having affected the balance with which it received us. As a consequence, we need to set ourselves a series of challenges to correct our mistakes. Let’s see some of them below:

* cope with climate change: in May 2011, CO2 levels were detected in the atmosphere higher than those found in the last two million years. The global warming It is a real and very serious problem that many do not take seriously, despite having been the cause of more than 850 of the 950 natural disasters that occurred in 2010, during which nearly 300 thousand people lost their lives. ;

* drinking water for all: The 1990s marked the beginning of a great expansion of the services of Water drinking in the world. Hundreds of millions of people have since had access to a better quality of life; but there are still hundreds of millions more left out of progress. It is worth mentioning that in some countries it is estimated that 50% of the problems treated in public hospitals are related to the quality of the water they consume;

* reduce the gap between social classes: It is believed that about 15% of the world population lives in extreme poverty, and that almost 2 billion people are considered poor. Between 2005 and 2010, 900 million people left extreme poverty and the World Bank assures that by 2015 another 17 million will follow. Despite these data, the gap between rich and poor continues to rise.