Cat, from the Latin word cattus, is a term that refers to a mammalian animal which is part of the set of felids: those carnivorous species that present hind legs with four fingers and forelegs with five fingers; retractable nails; short snout; Y head rounded. The expenses are also digitigrade since, when walking, they only support their fingers.

Although there are cats of different breeds and with very different characteristics, these animals usually have a length of fifty centimeters from the tail to the head. His language It is rough and her hair is soft.

The purr and the meow are two of the common mechanisms that cats use to communicate. Stray or feral cats usually live in colonies, forming groups, because they are social animals.


The cat is a digitigrade feline.

The cat and the human

The cat is a domestic animal who lives with him human being for about 9500 years. Although they can be found in homes as pets, cats are predators and they can hunt different kinds of prey (birds, rodents, etc.).

It is important to mention that humans can contract diseases or suffer from certain disorders when in contact with cats. The toxoplasmosis it is a parasitic disease that the cat can transmit to people; It is especially dangerous for pregnant women since it can cause malformations in the fetus. There are individuals, on the other hand, who are allergic to a protein in cat saliva.

Characteristics of these animals

In popular culture, because of the agility and ability of the animal to generally fall on its paws, it is often said that the cat has seven or nine lives. These numbers are considered good luck.


Many people are fascinated by cats.

Another characteristic of the cat is its cunning, that is, their ability to understand things and take advantage of different situations for their own benefit, generally deceiving others. It is an especially enigmatic animal, which generates admiration in many people and attracts them to the point of getting them to observe it for long periods of time without getting bored.

The cat’s movements often seem premeditated, and this explains why it spends a lot of time still, observing its surroundings before deciding to move forward. This added to its incredible agility can lead to impressive jumps with extremely precise landings; For example, it is not uncommon to see a cat jump from one balcony to another, at great height, and pass between the bars of the second before touching the ground, in a feat that could end his life with the slightest mistake.

The cat, loved and rejected

Currently, the image of the cat is also associated with millions of videos that are published on the Internet in which they are seen doing all kinds of funny or cute things, and that entertain people from all over the world. The «cat videos» are the most popular on social networks such as Youtube and they are also mentioned in television shows, movies, songs and video games, as one of the most recent social entertainment phenomena in history.

What makes cats so interesting to our species? One possible answer is your character unpredictable and mysterious. Their piercing eyes have a hypnotic effect on us, in part because we don’t know what they are thinking, what their next move will be. In addition, when they are given the possibility of living with other animals, either with other cats or with dogs, they display another layer of social skills that makes them even more attractive and fun.

This does not mean that the cat is the preferred animal of the human being. Despite his popularity in certain fields, he also receives a lot of hatred from those who consider him a plague urban and persecutes him with castration campaigns or, worse still, with poison and compressed air weapons.