It is called cartomancy to guessing practice that develops with playing cards. A playing card, meanwhile, is a letter: a card that exhibits certain pictures and is often used in games of chance.

CartomancyFor the development of fortune telling (or cartomancy, with accent on the letter I, as accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy) are often used spanish deck or the letters from tarot. It is important to clarify that, for the science and from the rational point of view, divination is not possible, with which cartomancy is framed in the field of superstitions.

Many times the terms cartomancy and tarot they are used synonymously. However, it should be mentioned that the tarot, as an action that aims to know future events, is a form of fortune telling. The tarot also offers interpretations of dreams and even situations that a person goes through in the present.

In this way, the tarot does not refer only to the future: even, according to tarot readers and those who believe in them, it can help to unravel what is housed in the future. unconscious of the subject. Cartomancy, on the other hand, always alludes to events that have not yet happened.

Ultimately, it can be said that cartomancy is a process of magic edging. He who claims to be in a position to know the future when looking at the cards, you are attributing a supernatural ability (that is, it exceeds the limits of the human being).

Beyond this question, cartomancy also contemplates a system of interpretation of the cards. In this context, the subjectivity of the so-called fortune teller comes into play. Whoever throws or reads the cards resorts to certain acquired knowledge or to intuition to “interpret” the drawings and thus realize their omens.