In Latin it is where the etymological origin of the capital term is found that we now have to analyze in depth. Specifically, it emanates from the word “maisculus”, which is the result of the sum of two components: “maior”, which is equivalent to “major”, and the suffix “-cula”, which is diminutive.

It capital it is something huge or bigger than the ordinary in your species. The term comes from the Latin word maiuscŭlus, which is the diminutive of major. For example: “What this man has said is a capital aberration that we cannot allow”, “Whoever lights a fire in the middle of the forest and leaves without putting it out, is showing a capital unconsciousness that puts the lives of thousands of people at risk”, “Justice always comes, although sometimes with a capital slowness”.

Capital letterA capital letter, known simply as capital letter, is the one that differs from the lower case for having a larger size and, sometimes, a different shape. Capitalization is determined by certain spelling rules and of style.

Capital letters are used at the beginning of a prayer, after a point and as an initial letter in a proper name. If we want to write the name of the French capital, the correct way to do it is “Paris” and no “Paris”. The same is true for people’s names (“Carlos” and no “Carlos”, “Martha” and no “Martha”, etc.).

Capital letters are also used to name divine attributes (“I entrusted myself to the Lord”) and science as a subject of study (“My brother graduated in Architecture”).

In addition to these basic rules regarding the use of capital letters, we have to record these other equally important and significant ones:
• They are used for acronyms. Examples of this are NASA, FBI, AIDS …
• The name of certain geographical areas is written with a capital initial letter, such as the names of states, autonomous communities, regions, districts or neighborhoods, for example.
• It should be noted that certain words are also written entirely in capital letters in judicial and legislative documents of some importance. This is done because it is required to highlight in a remarkable way what is the action indicated by those within those papers. A clear example of this is finding capitalized verbs such as “EXPOSE” on sides, sentences or edicts.
• Although there are many doubts in this regard and controversy, the rules of grammar indicate that in the case of Spanish capital letters are always accentuated following the same rules that exist for lower case letters. In this case, it must be said that only capital letters that function as acronyms do not have an accent.
• Zodiac signs, divinities, trademarks and gods or names of historical times also have their initial letter capitalized.

Capitalization varies with the idiom. In Spanish, gentilic adjectives are written in lower case (“French”) while, in English, they are mentioned with an initial capital letter (“French”).

In the field of Internet, when a written conversation is held (chat), writing in capital letters is considered to be equivalent to shouting “I’M ALREADY TIRED OF YOUR QUESTIONS”.