Can you make instant pudding mix with water instead of milk?


Can you make instant pudding mix with water instead of milk?


  • You *could* but it probably wouldn’t taste as good. Try using a little less water than the amount of milk called for and add some cornstarch or arrowroot to it. Like if it’s two cups, start out with 1 1/2 cups & then add more as needed. I do this with soymilk because it doesn’t have the gunk to help with thickening like cow’s milk does. It works well. Maybe if it’s chocolate pudding, you could try it with orange juice instead of water.

  • got to have lactic acid in order for the sugar crystals to bind together, this is called emulsifying. It’s a crucial event in the setting of pudding. It is not made with regular gelatin like jello.

  • I wouldn´t do this, but instead of milk you can use applejuice or orangejuice and if you want you can put smashed apples or pieces of oranges in the pudding. Very nice taste.

  • did it in college all the time. even ate it dry, drank it like an instant breakfast poured it on fries once(not recommended)

  • No. Make some jello instead.

  • you could try, but I’d go out and get milk or soy milk. safer and tastier

  • yes but its not going to taste anywhere near as nice as if you had done with milk .

  • I wouldn’t recommend it….I tried it without reading the directions and put it in the freezer

  • yes

    but horrible tasting

  • LOL no….gross…and it would NOT set

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