Can you get a half innie half outie belly button pierced?


Can you get a half innie half outie belly button pierced?


  • I got my belly button pierced today. I have the same thing as you, it’s an innie/outie and they just pierced it where the outie part wasn’t at, it’s still looks cute (: I guess dancing wouldn’t be bad in less you are bending over a lot or doing something that could press down on your navel piercing.

  • Pierced Outie

  • My friend’s bellybutton is like that,

    she wants her’s pierced too

    I’m pretty sure you can get that pierced, I mean, you can get ANYthing pierced

    but no, you shouldn’t be doing any stretching or dancing while the piercing is healing, it can cause the thing to migrate or something.

    I don’t know the correct term, but I do know that lots of movement is a no-no

  • Outies should by no means be pierced. I’ve one like that and that i was once instructed that if it will get infected, theres a risk that it is going to unfold to your inner organs by way of the “outie” section and rationale serious problems. It might even be deadly. So it wasnt valued at the threat for me, I just discovered to embody my distinctive outie.

  • well its all going to depend on your anatomy, youll have to ask a piercer to take a look for you, because you might not be able to get it pierced, and it may have a higher rejection rate. just check with a piercer

  • Problary! I know a few people like that. Yea it will work

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  • Probably. It probably won’t make that much of a difference.

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