A thistle is a plant with thorns that is part of the family group of the zygofilaceae. The concept is formed with the terms “opens” Y “eye”, due to the care they had to take to avoid injury to those who mowed a field with thistles.

ThistleIt is important to note that thistles are considered harmful to crops. In addition, the fruits of these plants, with their thorns, they can hurt livestock and people.

It is common for thistles adhere to the hair of the animals and to the clothes of the individuals. They can even reach puncture tires. However, thistles are attributed positive properties for metabolism and for the regeneration of injured tissues.

The notion of caltrop also refers to a weapon or defensive or punishment instrument. In the field of religion, the disciplinarians used to place thistles on the whip to self-flagellate.

The thistles are metal pieces with the appearance of star, whose spikes can cause damage. Known as miguelitos In some Latin American countries, thistles are usually distributed on the ground to hinder or impede the advance of those who move in vehicles.

Sometimes criminals throw thistles in the Street. The goal is for motorists to step on the caltrops and have to stop when the tires go flat: when they brake, they are mugged.

On Argentina, meanwhile, the caltrop is called velcro. It is a fastening or closing mechanism that consists of two different tissues, which, when making contact, are hooked. Thistles are used to close different products.