The English word callisthenics came to our language as calisthenics. This is what a set of physical exercises that allow you to win force and increase the agility.

Calisthenics can be understood as a method or a system training that is based on the use of body’s own weight. Calisthenics works on muscle groups or chains and it takes into account the plasticity and aesthetics of the movements, since it also aims to achieve harmony and beauty.

Physical exercise

Calisthenics appeals to the use of the body’s own weight.

Before training

It is important to go to a doctor before starting calisthenics for a check-up to confirm that you are fit for physical exercise. On the other hand, it is convenient to have the accompaniment of a gymnastics teacher or professional trainer that is in a position to act as a guide to indicate how the routines.

The prewarming training, on the other hand, is essential to reduce the risk of injury. Once the exercise has begun, do not force the postures or the joints and the recovery periods must be respected.

Of course, whoever trains must pay attention to their body and not minimize ailments. An early diagnosis and eventual treatment can prevent a minor injury from getting worse. In addition, it is thus possible to overcome chronic ailments and disorders that, in the long term, impede physical activity.

Types of calisthenics

There are different modalities or disciplines that are framed in what is known as calisthenics. The gymnasticsIn fact, it is often thought of as a type of calisthenics.

The training that takes place in streets, parks and other public spaces is called by the English expression street workout. This form of calisthenics is the most popular and often appeals to the use of benches, trees and various structures for different exercises.


The use of structures is common in calisthenics routines.

We said lines above that the distinctive characteristic of calisthenics is the use of the weight bodily for the performance of routines. If you add a ballast to increase the effort, you can talk about weighted calisthenics.

The cooperative calisthenicsMeanwhile, it supposes that two or more individuals collaborate with each other to carry out the exercises. Many times one does the exercise and the other adds resistance.

Most popular exercises

Calisthenics includes exercises that are well known and are also part of other training methodologies. The ABS and the squatsFor example, they are often included in the most basic calisthenics routines.

When you have mastered these simple exercises, you can move on to figures of greater complexity such as iron and the flag. Also add jumps Y turns that enrich the practice.

At a general level, calisthenics seeks for the body to achieve proper alignment and for a good muscle contraction to be achieved. This helps to outline the contour and improve the position.

It is important to note that calisthenics involves a large number of repetitions of each movement. The focus is on the form of realization and not so much in the intensity of the effort.