The term cabinet, from Old French cabinet, has different uses. It is known as the cabinet small room, smaller than the room, where the owner of the property receives the persons of her confidence.

In this way, starting from this meaning, it is important to underline the fact that in the field of Medicine it is frequent to use the term cabinet. In this case, it is used to refer to the stay in which the health professionals of a hospital center meet to discuss labor issues, to rest and also to speak privately, in order to carry out an informative action, with the relatives of some patient who has been admitted and who has undergone some type of intervention.

CabinetCabinet is also a local that exhibits a collection of objects linked to the art or to science, and the room provided with the necessary apparatus to examine patients (as in the case of a dentist’s office).

In the field of computing, the cabinet is the framework that contains the main components of hardware of a computer: your CPU, Motherboard, microprocessor, memory, hard disk and internal drives (CD or DVD reader, etc.). The main function of the cabinet is to protect these components. However, computing has advanced towards the artistic design of cabinets, which also became a decorative object.

For the politics, the cabinet is the set of ministers that make up a government. The cabinet, therefore, constitutes the Executive power of a State. The concept may vary depending on the country: en Spain, the cabinet is an administrative body that provides support to a minister or a secretary of state.

It is also interesting to emphasize that in the field of music, the existence of a group that makes use of the term that now occupies us stands out in its name. We are referring to the Spanish formation known as “Gabinete Caligari”. In the decade of the 80s was when the one that was framed within the rock style was born and that was active for almost two decades.

Jaime Urrutia was the leader of this group, dissolved in 1999, which had a successful musical career during which he managed to launch a total of ten albums on the record market, two of them compilation. Among the many songs that made him become a benchmark on the international scene, singles such as “El calor del amor en un bar” (1986), “La culpa fue del cha cha chá” (1989), “Delirios de Grandeza” stand out. (1993) or “No one is going to miss me” (1998).

Fernando Presas and Eduardo Clavo were the other members of “Gabinete Caligari”.

When talking about cabinet question, refers to what is very important to someone. This conception derives from the issues that affect the continuation or activities of a ministry.

For instance: “The act of corruption detected in the secretariat is a matter of cabinet for the municipal government”, “In my family, the choice of Christmas food is a matter of cabinet”.