The etymological origin of the term burlap It is uncertain, although it could be linked to Aragonese sackcloth or to french serpentine. Burlap is called a fabric of tow that protects various elements from moisture and dust.

BurlapThe tow, meanwhile, is a cloth that develops with hemp, linen or jute yarn. With tow you can create the thick fabric called burlap, which is used as a cover, for the development of packaging products and in the manufacture of decorative objects and clothing items, for example.

The burlap bags, to mention a case, are often used to pack coffee, Coal or fruit. Burlap is a fairly sturdy material, so it can also be used to create any kind of reusable bag.

In the field of upholstery burlap is also used. It is possible to upholster armchairs and chairs with burlap, make rugs or even cover walls in a country-style environment. On the other hand, there are clothing designers who resort to burlap for the creation of blouses, Tshirts Y aprons.

It is important to bear in mind that, beyond its resistance and versatility, the maintenance of burlap requires various care. One of the most common problems is breakage of fibersTherefore, it must be handled with caution and without overstretching.

It is recommended to wash the burlap with Water cold and avoiding scrubbing and twisting. To remove any unpleasant odors, it is usually suggested to sprinkle sodium bicarbonate on the fabric and allow to act for at least a day before shaking off the burlap.