The bullfighting is the discipline which consists of maintaining a kind of contest with a bull. A man, on foot or on horseback, teases the animal to enrage it and then demonstrates his dexterity by dodging its attacks. Usually the practice culminates with the bull killing.

BullfightingBullfighting is considered by many to be a art, although others denounce the practice for cruelty which implies towards animals. The rituals and events linked to bullfighting are very old, dating back to the Prehistory.

Bullfighting can be understood as the whole culture that takes place around the activity and that includes typical clothing, the use of certain instruments or weapons, animal husbandry, etc.

Since its prehistoric origins, bullfighting has been associated with the courage: the man prove your courage by facing the bull. Currently, the practice is also linked to aesthetic issues, since the movements made by the matador are taken into account.

Bullfighting, in past decades especially, managed to become a benchmark in the country and even one of its attractions. Thus, for example, there were famous people who came to Spain and their main objective was to attend bullfights because they were enthusiastic about them. We are referring to celebrities like Ernest Hemingway or Ava Gardner.

In many cases, these famous people wanted to meet the bullfighters of the moment, but the list of bullfighters throughout history has been vast. However, among those who have achieved greater success and relevance are Manolete, Paquirri, José Tomás, Juan Belmonte, Antonio Bienvenida, Luis Miguel Dominguín, Paco Camino, Joselito el Gallo … Many of these have seen how their descendants then followed in their footsteps. This would be the case of Paquirri, whose two older children are also bullfighters: Francisco Rivera and Cayetano Rivera, who are also grandchildren on the part of the mother of the also matador Antonio Ordoñez.

Today bullfighting is developed through the activity known as bullfight. Very popular in Spain, bullfights take place in a specific venue (called bullring) and involve the participation of several persons, the most important in the ceremony being the bullfighter or bullfighter. At the end of the bullfight, the animal dies.

Due to its characteristics, there is an important worldwide movement that opposes bullfighting and that has even achieved ban it in many regions. The defenders of bullfighting, on the other hand, assure that the treatment that the bull receives is not so cruel and they maintain that the practice allows the subsistence of the race known as fighting bull.

Specifically, those who are in favor of what, due to reminiscences of the past, in Spain is known as “national holiday” in many sectors also establish that it is a duel face to face, the man before the animal. Moreover, they add that they love the bull and that it was born precisely to end its life in a ring.

However, as we have mentioned, there are many people and groups that are against bullfighting, considering it a cruel animal murder. Thus, it is precisely explained why in recent years the number of Spanish citizens who support the PACMA Party, the Animal Party, which defines itself as “defender of animal rights, defense of the environment and social justice” has increased. .