The verb browse refers to the action of look somewhere. Usually the term is linked to a superficial look or a glance, without the person in question focus your attention on what you are observing.

BrowseFor instance: “I’m going to look at the newspaper for a while and then I’ll prepare a snack”, “When looking at the garden, the woman was surprised by the presence of a squirrel”, “What are you doing looking at my agenda?”.

The idea of ​​glancing is also used synonymously with drown: perform a the evil eye A person. The superstition indicates that the evil eye is one that one subject can produce another through their gaze. Eyeing a person, therefore, could cause them some kind of harm.

Each culture has different methods to avoid or cure the evil eye. Amulets, talismans or rituals often aim to protect people from envy, which is often pointed to as the origin of the evil eye.

In the world of sports, it is common to speak of scouts. These belong to clubs of different disciplines and what they do is attend matches of other teams with the clear purpose of discovering players with great potential in order to sign them.

Young people thus become the target of many scouts who do not hesitate to find out who they are, their trajectory and to see the qualities they have. Only in this way will they recommend to the teams they work for that future promises are worth hiring.

In the field of football, for example, the figure of those professionals who work both to provide the quarry with young people with a great future is essential as well as to find players who are very valuable to be part of the first teams.

Browsing can also be used with other senses, as accepted in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). When the term comes from Hispanic Arabic, browsing consists of make noises to achieve that, in the framework of a hunt, a prey is scared and moves to a place where the hunter can catch it more easily.

Related to that meaning is the word scout. This is a person who is participating in the hunts and whose function is to scare the prey with voices so that it is easier for the hunters to kill them.

By extension, you are told to peek at the action being carried out in order to drive away yet animal or yet human being.

It must be said that this verb, sometimes, leads to confusion for many people and they have doubts as to whether it is written with ho or not. In this sense, it must be said that leafing is another verb, which is used to indicate that a person is turning the pages of a book or notebook quickly and quickly reading some of the paragraphs or fragments that they have.