A broom it’s a instrument which is used for sweep: that is, for cleaning a surface by dragging dirt. The brooms have a elongated stick that works by way of mango, at the lower end of which there is fibers or branches.

BroomTo sweep with a broom, the person must hold the stick and move the fibers or branches on the ground. In this way, the filaments push the dust, the fluff, etc., which can be stacked in one place and then collected with a shovel. Another possibility is simply to drag the waste out of the environment.

Brooms occupy an important space in the culture And in the traditions. Often times, in fiction, brooms are items used by female characters who are forced to perform household chores, such as Snow White Y Cinderella.

Brooms are also linked to witches. In this case, it is often said that witches use magic brooms What source of transport, getting on these utensils to fly.

Broom, on the other hand, is the name of a play of cards that can face two or four players. The goal is to reach fifteen points, for which the game is also known as fifteen broom.

To play the broom, the deck of cards Spanish, removing the cards from the deck 8 Y 9. Each card is worth the number it carries, except the jack (worth 8), the horse (9) and the King (10).

Players receive three cards, while four cards they are left face up on the table. In turn, the participant must put one of his cards on the table, trying to score fifteen points with that card plus those that he can take advantage of those that are exposed. If he adds up to fifteen, he picks up those cards and leaves the leftovers. If you cannot add fifteen, you have to get rid of a card that must be turned face up.