The idea of bronze comes from the Italian word bronzo, which in turn derives from the Latin Brundŭsi (Brindisi). Brindisi It is an Italian city that became known in ancient times for its production of this element.

A bronze is called alloy of copper Y tin. An alloy, meanwhile, is a product formed by two or more chemical elements that merge, at least one of them being a metal.


Sculptures are usually made with bronze.

As we indicated above, bronze is formed with copper Y tin. Copper as a symbol Cu, is a metal of atomic number 29. Tin (symbol Sn) is another metal, in this case of atomic number fifty. Sometimes other components are added to bronze, such as zinc.

Bronze history

The copper is the base of bronze, while tin it appears in a much smaller proportion. This alloy was very important in the progress of the human being, even giving the name to the period known as the Bronze Age (characterized by the emergence of this type of metallurgy).

Archaeological findings suggest that the first alloys of this class were made about 4,000 years before Christ. At that time, minerals such as malachite and the chalcopyrite with the cassiterite to achieve its reduction to copper and tin, respectively. This process was carried out in ovens that were fed with charcoal.

It should be noted that when a Copper and zinc alloy, is obtained brass. Today it is common for copper, tin and zinc simultaneously, with which the differences between bronze and brass are diffuse.

Alloy properties and uses

The bronze, with a reddish yellowish hue, stands out for its tenacity and his ductility. It also has a high specific heat, being used many times to transfer hot.

The uses of bronze are multiple. Throughout history it has made it possible to manufacture Utensils all types, weapons, sculptures, jewels Y coins, to mention a few products.

Third place

Whoever finishes a competition in third place usually receives a bronze medal.

Thanks to its resistance to corrosion and to touch, bronze is also used to develop musical instruments such as saxophones, bells Y cymbals, in addition to piano strings, guitar Y harp. On the other hand, bronze is used to make parts for gears and mechanical devices.

Bronze medal

In many sports competitions, there is the tradition to deliver a bronze medal who ends their participation in the third place or position. This is the case in Olympic Games.

Whoever wins the competition is awarded a gold medal, while the one who finishes in second place receives a silver medal. The podiumTherefore, it is completed with the bronze medal for the competitor who is third.

Take the case of basketball or men’s basketball in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games. Twelve teams participated in the tournament, divided into two groups during the first phase. Those selected who were in the first four positions of each group qualified for the quarterfinals. At the end of the competition, United States champion was consecrated and got the gold medal, Serbia was runner-up and won the silver medal and Spain reached third place, taking the bronze medal.