Branch is the process and the result of branch out. East verb can refer to a specific question (when branches of a plant or tree emerge and grow) or something symbolic (a theme or fact that is divide in different units or spread to different places).

BranchTo understand what ramifications are, therefore, we must understand the concept of branch. The branches are the extensions that are generated by the trunk or the stem and that support fruits, flowers and leaves. It can also be something that is secondary or accessory and that arises from a main structure.

If we focus on the trees, therefore, the branching is the branch development in different addresses. For instance: “The gardener will have to do something with the branches of the orange tree, since they are about to reach the window”, “I never thought that this plant would have so many ramifications”.

Within the scope of biology, as we can see, the term we are analyzing is also used. Thus, there are monocaule plants, which do not have any type of branching, and then there are the pluricaules that do. However, within this second group, there can be two different types of branching: the dichotomous, in which what is the apex is divided into two, and the lateral, in which the branches are produced in axillary buds from the which would become one of the second or third branches of the aforementioned apex.

Likewise, it should not be forgotten that within the dichotomies, there are two different classes: the monopodic and the sympathetic systems.

Within the scientific and mathematical world we can also say that the term at hand is used. In this specific case, we speak of branching and pruning, a design of algorithms that serves to solve questions related to branching. In this specific case, this technique becomes a tree of solutions in which each branch serves to arrive at a later solution.

A branch, on the other hand, may be the derivation of a event wave extension of some question beyond its original point: “The ramifications of this corruption case are very complex since they involve important officials of the national government”, “The ramifications of drug trafficking reach all strata of society”.

In the context of anatomy, the branching is the prolongation of the blood vessels by means of extensions that arise from the same trunk: “The patient is being treated for an occlusion in the branch of the vena cava”.

In addition, we cannot ignore, for example, that the bronchi are tubes that have progressive branches in the shape of trees and that their objective is to facilitate the entry of air into the lungs.

However, it must be said that the left and right bronchus are fundamentally different for one reason, because while the first has two branches, upper and lower, the second has three: upper, middle and lower.