It is called binge to the activity or action that unfolds abundantly, exaggeratedly or disproportionately. The concept is linked to the verb Rob, which can refer to ingesting food and drinks by others.

BingeFor example: “Yesterday I binged on hamburgers and today my belly hurts”, “After the Christmas binge, I’m going to take care of myself with meals”, “Rugby lovers will be able to enjoy a binge of matches in the coming days as all the matches of the tournament will be televised live and direct”.

The idea Binge eating is usually associated with a binge. If a person eats a whole pizza, three hamburgers and a kilogram of chocolate ice cream at the same dinner, they will have binged. On the other hand, if you eat only one slice of pizza, a hamburger and two scoops of ice cream, your dinner will be much more limited.

Binges have physical consequences. Those who overeat can suffer from stomach problems, vomiting and other inconveniences. In addition, if they are repeated frequently, binges generate overweight or obesity.

In relation to what is eating, we have to emphasize the existence of the term binge eating disorder. It is a disorder of eating behavior that causes a person, periodically, to eat in an absolutely uncontrolled way, being able to ingest up to 6,000 calories in a single day.

Weight gain to the point of overwhelming obesity is one of the main consequences of this disorder, which has become the most common in terms of nutrition in the United States.

It is considered that it can be caused by some genetic factor that predisposes it, although it is usually frequent in people who have some emotional, mental or even psychiatric circumstance.

At the end of the 1950s, specifically in 1959, it was when the aforementioned binge-eating disorder began to be discussed. The psychiatrist Albert Stunkard was the one who began to develop it, to investigate it, which is characterized by a remarkable series of symptoms, such as these:
-The person eats, above all, that way when he is sad, when he is stressed or when he is bored.
-Whoever suffers from it has an absolute inability to control when facing food.
-The person is able to eat food without stopping until they feel nauseous or encounter symptoms of indigestion.
-It must be established that, in addition, the individual with this disorder feels really bad, on an emotional level, after having eaten all that food. Above all, he feels guilty.

When there is a great variety of offers or alternatives of the same classIt can also be called binge eating. In this context, moviegoers can binge on movies at a festival where four films are screened a day. Similarly, it can be said that a team of football who wins a game eight to zero he binged on goals.