It is called bikini yet female swimsuit consisting of two pieces: a panty or panties and a bra or bodice. The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) also accepts the term bikini.

BikiniThe origin of the concept is linked to bikini atoll, which is part of the Marshall Islands and it is protected as World Heritage by UNESCO. The french engineer Louis Réard was the one who created this garment in 1946 and christened it a bikini taking into account that it was a explosive design (due to its impact) and that tests with nuclear bomb.

Beyond the invention of Réard, there is evidence of the use of two-piece garments for the development of sports and athletic activities since pre-Roman times. Regarding the modern bikini, it is important to mention that at first it caused a great controversy since it left a good part of the body of the woman exposed. Little by little, models and actresses were encouraged to wear it and thus its use spread.

There are multiple types of bikinis. If the two pieces are joined by a narrow strip in the front sector, we speak of trikini or triquini. When the panty or panties are replaced or covered with a small skirt, it is a skirtini. The smaller bikini size, which barely covers the intimate areas, is called micro bikini or microkini.

It is important to mention that the bikini (or, in Argentina, the bikini) is not only used in Beaches Y swimming pools. In sports As the beach volleyball and the Athletics, the competitors are allowed to wear a bikini.