A belt it’s a kind of belt which enables adjusting pants, a dress, or other garment at the waist. The usual thing is that the belts have a buckle with a spike which serves to secure the garment in question.

BeltBelts are generally made with leather. In its extension they have several equidistant holes, where the pin of the buckle can be inserted. This variety of holes means that the belt can be used by individuals of different physical builds.

Also know as belt, cinch or strap, the belt has remote origins. It is estimated that the oldest belts arose in the Age made of bronze.

Belts are worn by both men and women, although they are most popular in men’s clothing. It should be noted that, beyond its practical utility, it is about decorative items with aesthetic value, especially thanks to the designs of its buckle.

A seat belt, on the other hand, it is a strip that serves to hold a person to the seat of a conveyance (like a car or an airplane). In the event of a sudden stop or crash, the seat belt prevents the traveler from being thrown.

In ancient times, a Chastity belt was a device equipped with a lock that was used to cover the female genitalia. In this way, whoever had the key could prevent the woman using the belt from having sexual intercourse.

A belt, finally, is an area that finds around one town. According to its characteristics, one can speak of green belt (a strip of land characterized by abundant vegetation) or industrial belt (where factories abound), for example.