The etymological origin of the term bat has brought with it various theories and speculations. However, one of those that is considered more accurate is the one that states that it derives from Latin and that it means “blind mouse”, since it was created from the sum of the following two words:
• “Mus”, which is synonymous with mouse.
• “Caecus”, which is equivalent to “blind”. However, it can also be used as “dark”.

A bat it’s a animal mammal belonging to the order of the chiroptera. These nocturnal beings are winged and have the peculiarity of sleeping upside down, grasping tree branches with their claws.

BatMore than a thousand species of bats have been recognized. The vast majority of them feed on insects, although some can also eat birds, rodents or frogs. In addition, there are three species that form the group of vampire bats that feed on the blood that they absorb from other animals.

Many species of bat appeal to the echolocation to get your bearings. Thanks to this ability, the bat makes a sound and then interprets the echoes that are produced when sound impacts against things in the environment.

The relationship of human being with the bat it has always been conflictive. Because these animals only appear at night (since they sleep during the day), they have been associated with the dark and have become symbols of horror movies and literature.

Such is the relationship between the bat and the cinema or literature that this animal is very common in horror works. Thus, for example, the figure of the vampire is identified with that of the former. This identification is due to the fact that they both live in darkness, because they are dark beings, because they are feared and also because they feed on blood. One last quality is fulfilled by a specific species of bats that responds to the name of “desmondontinae”, also known as the vampire bat.

However, we cannot ignore either that there is another fictional character who, in the same way, has a very close relationship with that animal, but from a positive point of view. It is about the superhero Batman, also called “bat man”, who lives in Gotham and who hides behind the identity of the millionaire Bruce Wayne.

This comic and film figure, created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane in the 1930s, has the peculiarity that it is hidden behind a suit that resembles the appearance of the aforementioned animal.

In spite of everything, it must be known that bats, however, play a beneficial role for the ecology.

Chiroptera help scatter seeds and, therefore, to regenerate wooded areas. They also allow to control pests and act on the pollination of flowers. On the negative side, bats can transmit various diseases, like rabies and others. This characteristic added to their negative cultural image makes these animals are often victims of extermination campaigns and that several species are even in danger of extinction.