The Middle Dutch word bolwerc became, in Old French, into balouart. The etymological evolution of the notion meant that, in our idiom, the term arose bulwark.

BulwarkThe first meaning that indicates the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in his dictionary alludes to the fortification that appears when two wall curtains come together. The bastion, also known as bastion, It is composed of an entrance gorge, two flanks that allow it to be linked to the wall and two faces that give rise to a projecting angle.

In other words, a bulwark is a fortified sector whose projection is made out of the central body of a fortress. They are usually located in the corners to optimize the defending of the place.

Most of the bastions are pentagonal (for the ruffle, the two flanks and the two faces). Thanks to your design, it is possible to cover the walls and the rest of the bastions by crossfire.

Before the bastions, the troops that tried to storm a fortress were forced to install their artillery batteries in a remote place. This made it difficult to attack in question.

Among the best known or special bastions for a specific reason we can highlight some like these that we indicate below:
-Baluarte de los Pozos. This construction is located in the San Antonio de Cáceres neighborhood, a defensive tower from the Arab period. Specifically, it dates from the 12th century and it is believed that, almost in all probability, it formed part of what was the defensive system of the old Almohad fortress. From this place you can see spectacular views of the city as well as some of its most special monuments such as the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Montaña.
-Baluarte de la Candelaria. This other construction is located in the Andalusian city of Cádiz, which was formerly part of the system that came to protect the bay. It is known that it was ordered to be raised in 1672 by the then governor. During its history it has also served as a dovecote, a barracks and today it has become a cultural space where exhibitions, concerts, theater performances take place …

Bulwark can also be used in a symbolic sense to refer to that or that which provides protection or protection, or who becomes the symbol of something. For instance: “This man is the bulwark of local science: we cannot allow him to work in these deplorable conditions”, “The Moroccan midfielder was, once again, the main bulwark of the English team”, “With his death we have lost a bastion of national poetry”.

In the same way, we can underline that “Baluarte” is the title of a poetry book published in 2014 and written by the author Elvira Sastre. Love, friendship, couple relationships, sex, loneliness or the abyss in which, sometimes, the human being feels are some of the topics that are addressed in this work that is made up of realistic verses and very close.