It is known as basketry to the place where baskets or baskets are manufactured and / or marketed. The term is also used to refer to the art of making this type of products.

BasketryIt should be noted that a basket it’s a container made of flexible woods or fibers like reeds, reeds or wickers. These items are used to store or move various kinds of items, from fruits and vegetables to clothing. The tall, oversized basket is called basket case.

Basketry, in short, is the activity developed by those who make baskets. These individuals, meanwhile, are called basket makers or baskets.

The basic actions of basketry consist of winding and weaving the fibers to shape each basket. These are very ancient procedures, which arose about fourteen thousand years ago.

A basket consists of a base, a axis and the side walls. Basketry experts, in addition to making these essential segments, can incorporate handles and other accessories that enhance the functionality of the creations.

Basket weaving even includes work of ornamentation. This is because, in general, you want the articles to be beautiful and useful. Thus each basket reaches a new dimension.

It is important to highlight that the passage of weather it did not overshadow the relevance of basketry. Today this work is still highly valued and its products are appreciated as handicrafts in numerous places.

The advance of the technologyThus, it did not change the social perception of basket weaving. There are rural communities and tourist destinations that incorporate these products to the offer to their visitors.