The notion of basket it lacks an unambiguous definition. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), It is a basket whose mouth is narrow; However, a basket is also called a wide mouth basket.

BasketAt a general level, therefore, we can affirm that a basket is a basket (a wicker basket that usually has handles) or a cthis (a container that is woven with reeds, reeds, wickers or other similar materials).

The baskets have multiple uses. They are often used for the transfer of food, either for street sale or for consumption in a park, in the field, etc.

There are those who allocate the baskets to the Dirty clothes. In this way, they accumulate the used garments there before putting them in the washing machine (washing machine).

The organizing basketsOn the other hand, they function as drawers or trunks. In some cases they can even be stacked, helping to save space.

The bicycles with basket, meanwhile, are chosen by many people. By having a basket, it is possible to use this means of transport to move around and, in turn, carry certain objects. With a bike Of this type, purchases can be made, to mention one possibility, since the purchased goods can be transferred in the basket.

The basket bugFinally, it is the caterpillar of certain Lepidoptera (insects that have a sucking mouth and four wings and develop a complete metamorphosis). The name comes from the hanging cocoon that they create in the trees, with the appearance of a conical basket.