It is called bargain yet bird that is part of the group of columbiforms (species with Body robust, short legs and small bill and head). The bargains are similar to turtledoves, although larger. With white, grayish or black plumage, they have a dark throat and a reddish spot in the breast area.

BargainIn colloquial language, the idea of ​​a bargain is used to name a product that is bought from a convenient price: namely, lower than usual. A bargain, therefore, is a offer.

For example: “Look at that shirt! It’s a bargain, you should take it with you ”, “This chair was a bargain: I paid just two hundred pesos for it”, “I like this place because it is full of bargains”.

Starting from this meaning, we come across the fact that among the synonyms for bargain, words such as advantage, bargain or bicoca, among others, stand out.

The goods offered with discount or in promotions they are bargains. Suppose that most men’s leather shoes are priced between 500 Y 1,000 pesos. If a local has a shoe of this type on sale 250 pesosIt can be said that this is a bargain.

In the same way, we cannot ignore another series of uses and meanings that the word at hand has. Thus, we have to emphasize that Ganga is the name of a goddess within Hinduism. Specifically, it is represented with the Ganges River. Hence, taking a bath in that place is considered a way to atone for a sin.

But it does not finish here. It is established that if the ashes of a deceased are thrown into that mentioned river, what is achieved with this is to put a brake on the cycle of reincarnations of that one.

In the field of mining, is known as a bargain useless matter that is found next to the minerals and that is discarded by its null value or because taking advantage of it is too expensive. It is important to bear in mind that the consideration of an item as a bargain may vary depending on the site or the period.

In the minerals found in a mine, it is possible to distinguish between the ore (that is taken advantage of) and the bargain (that is discarded). The mineral taken as a bargain in a certain deposit can be interesting in another or it can even become useful in the future from new technologies extraction.

Likewise, we have to establish that the term in question can also be used as a person’s name and even as a surname. A good example of this is, for example, Ganga Zumba (1630 – 1678), who was a slave who ended up becoming the first monarch of the area known as Quilombo de los Palmares in Brazil.

In the same way, the figure of Sharda Ganga (1966), who is a well-known columnist, film director and writer from Suriname, should not be overlooked. In his works he has addressed such important issues as HIV or censorship, among others.

In addition, it is necessary to know the existence of the Western Ganga Dynasty, which lasted between 350 and 1000 years and was at the forefront of power in India, specifically in the area of ​​Karnataka.